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Cloud Implementations

Raising the Bar to the Highest Altitude

Phase 0

Strategy and Design

Slow down. Breathe for a moment. Before making a large investment, develop a Phase 0 plan to make sure you understands your requirements and do not overpay for  your solution.

Phase 2

Optimize and Automate

You're live! Time to get to work on the fun stuff. Optimize all the areas that differentiate your business while driving efficiencies. This is where we achieve ROI's and YOUR team becomes the experts!

Phase 1

Core - Transaction Based

Focus on becoming transactional, FAST. Accelerate your time to value (TTV) with a plan that has focus on your core business processes. Be patient, the good stuff comes after go-live.

Phase 3

Analytics and AI

You're live, business is humming along. Now it's time to put space between you and your competitors. Analytics with AI will put your business over the top.

Managed Services

A360 Manage Services

Refreshes, upgrades, help desk questions, System Administration all take your team away from their core business functions. Ask about Altitude's A360 Managed Service  Program.

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