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Data Conversion/Migration Services

Did you know approximately 83% of projects are late or delayed due to underperforming and underestimating the data conversion process?


Data conversion is the iterative process that the client/customer will perform by reviewing their current data, scrub/cleanse existing data, and make decisions on the amount of historical data to convert. At this point, important decisions need to be made with the advice of your experts. The Altitude team will roll up its sleeves with you and help you manage through this process.

Now it is time to map that data to your new solution. Unless you are deeply experienced in mapping data to new solutions, we recommend you pre-plan for additional migration support. A combination of primary keys, unique IDs, CSV's, and API's can leave your team baffled on how to get this done in a timely manner. The clock is ticking, and the data is needed for complete testing. Trust our experts to get it done right, fast, the first time.

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Omnichannel Data Management

High-quality, trusted data is at the heart of your business transformation. We offer the core capabilities to turn your data into assets. We help you unify and cleanse customer accounts, assets, and vendor data in real time across various operational and analytical systems with multi-domain MDM capabilities. We combine transactions and interactions for a 360 view of customers, products, suppliers, location etc., as well as relationships between them. We continuously curate and enrich this data with external data sources so your systems have instant access to timely, trusted data. We also enrich your data with external sources, so you have immediate insights and more context for better decision making. 

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