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Office Talk

Hypercare Support

Going live on a new solution is only the beginning of the journey. Through our A360 Managed Services program we offer your enterprise a single point of contact for all your business and IT solutions.

Complete Business System Support

At Altitude Technology Group we understand the power of implementing best in class solutions and products. Managing these products can be daunting for inhouse resources. Our A360 package allows you to have a single point of contact to our team while we work with your software vendors to manage issues.

Network Hub and Cable

Change/Release Management

As part of our comprehensive A360 program, we will manage your updates, releases, and regression testing process to ensure your enterprise software solutions are up-to-date and secure.

A lock surrounded by wires and binary to represent cyber security.jpg


Security should be your main priority when managing your solutions, especially when it comes to outside contractors working in your systems. Simplifying through a single point of contact, with state-of-the-art security, protects and reduces risk to your enterprise.

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